OISRA Alpine Division Freestyle Program

The OISRA Freestyle Program is organized within the OISRA Alpine Division.  OISRA will establish a separate Freestyle Division when the Freestyle program has developed to the stage where OISRA Freestyle leagues can host league events.

Currently, OISRA sanctions ONLY ONE  Freestyle competition: the OISRA State Freestyle Championships.  This event is held in conjunction with the OISRA Alpine State Championships.

Freestyle Competitors will represent their schools and get team scores, as well as individual rankings.

All athletes who register on line for the OISRA State Freestyle Championships, and meet the OISRA academic eligibility standards, are eligible to compete. There are no qualifying events for the OISRA State Freestyle Championship Events. If the number of registered competitors exceeds the desired number of competitors for any Event, there will be an elimination event held to reduce the number of competitors to the desired number.
For more information on the Freestyle State Championships please click this link

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