FAQ about Nordic Division Insurance

Q. #1.    I have registered online as ski racer on an OISRA team. What type of insurance coverage do I have with OISRA?
A. #1.   You have OISRA liability insurance and accident insurance coverage at any OISRA sanctioned event.
    • The liability insurance pays for costs you, as a skier, would incur if someone blames you for their injury or property damages, including legal fees and/or for damages.
    • The accident coverage is for $50,000 and has a $2,500 deductible.
      • The OISRA accident insurance is secondary to your primary insurance.
      • If you have no primary accident insurance, then OISRA becomes your primary insurance and begins paying medical costs incurred from an accident after you have paid the first $2,500.
    • You are not covered by OISRA insurance if
      • you are participating in events other than OISRA sanctioned or sponsored events (for example, USSA or USASA sponsored events or citizen's events)
      • you have a mutual agreement with the coach to leave the training session.
Q. #2.   What is an OISRA sanctioned event?
A. #2.    Any training or racing where the following criteria are met:
    • OISRA Policies are followed
    • OISRA Nordic Division Policies and OISRA Nordic Race Rules are followed
    • a registered OISRA certified coach is present
    • all participants are registered with OISRA
Q. #3.   I will not be representing a high school team in any OISRA races, but I have permission from an OISRA Head Coach to train/race with their team. Am I insured?
A. #3.   Yes, you are insured if you have registered online as a Provisional Skier.

Q. #4.   As a registered coach, what type of insurance coverage do I have with the OISRA insurance?
A. #4.   You have liability insurance and accident insurance coverage with respect to your participation as an OISRA coach at any OISRA sanctioned event.
    • Same coverage as described for skier in Q. #1 above
    • See Q. #2 for definition of OISRA "sanctioned" events
    • You are not covered by OISRA insurance if you are participating in events other than OISRA sanctioned events (for example, US Ski and Snowboard sponsored events or citizen's events)
Additionally, you have liability and accident insurance coverage with respect to your participation as a race worker/race official at OISRA sanctioned events. [See Q. #7.] and you have coverage with respect to your participation as an OISRA director or officer.

Q. #5.   How do I become a registered coach?
A. #5.   You complete the online registration, using the "Coach" registration button. You can register as a Certified Coach, a Head Coach, or a Helper Coach.
    • If you work with students in an unsupervised capacity, you register as a Certified Coach.
    • If you are the coach who assumes the responsibilities for overseeing the team and voting at Division meetings you register as a Head Coach.
    • If another person who is a Certified Coach/Head Coach is always present when you are working with the students, you can register as a Helper Coach. Any adult who is not a Certified Coach or a Head Coach and works with training students must be registered as a Helper Coach.

Q. #6.   If I am not a coach but I am a director or officer for the OISRA, do I have insurance coverage?
A. #6.   Yes, if you are a director or an officer and you are not a coach, you have insurance coverage, but you must register online as a volunteer to have proper coverage.

Q. #7.   I am a volunteer who is a race worker/race official. Does OISRA insurance cover me?
A. #7.   Yes, as a registered volunteer, you have the same liability and accident insurance coverage as an OISRA racer (See Question #1). You become a registered volunteer by completing the online registration, using the "Volunteer" button.
    • If you are a coach who has registered online, you will automatically be registered for working as a race worker/official - you do not have to register again using the volunteer registration button to be covered for your decisions/actions as a race worker/official.
    • If you volunteer to help with training students, you must register as a "Helper Coach." [See Q # 5.]

Q. #8.   What is the term for the insurance and what does that mean for me?
A. #8.   The term for the liability and accident insurance is from September 15th to March 15th. The OISRA insurance does not cover coaches who work with students prior to September 15th in the Fall or after March 15th in the Spring. All OISRA sanctioned activities will take place between September 15th and March 15th.

Q. #9. What is the "Participatory Season" and what does that mean for me?
A. #9. The beginning of the Participatory Season matches the OSAA winter sports season and ends with participation in the State Meet. Any mandatory training cannot take place prior to the OSAA winter sports season.  And a coach should check with a student's Fall sport's coach before including that student in any training prior to the beginning of the OSAA winter sports season.

Q. #10. Can my school be named as additionally insured by OISRA?
A.  #10. Yes. Schools that have signed OISRA school agreement forms can receive an insurance certificate naming the school as "additionally insured" on the OISRA policy with respect to OISRA activities.
School agreement forms can be found on the OISRA website.  They must be signed by a school official and submitted to the OISRA Administrative Services Adminservices@oisra.org .

Q. #11. Is there a way to get insurance coverage for team activities that take place outside the term for the OISRA insurance (prior to September 15th and after March 15th)?
A. #11. No

Q. #12. Does OISRA insurance cover vehicular transportation?
A#12. No

Q. #13. Does OISRA provide liability coverage to ski areas and Forest Service?
Q. #13. Yes, the OISRA insurance policy has excess liability coverage that applies to ski areas and the Forest Service. This level of liability coverage meets the requirements of all ski areas and national forests in Oregon.

Q  #14. How do I notify the insurance company that I have a claim?
A. #14. An incident report is written up for every incident (by a coach, technical delegate, or race official) and sent to the Executive Director within 72 hours. The Executive Director will contact the injured adult or the parent/guardian of an injured child.  If an insurance claim may be needed, the Executive Director will notify the insurance company, and they will instruct the next procedure.
See the instructions for incident reporting at https://oisra.org/nordic/forms-rules-resources.html.  Both the hard copy form and an online reporting tool are available.

Updated 11/11/21

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