History & Organization of Nordic


The Oregon Interscholastic Ski Racing Association (OISRA) was born in 1961 as a high school alpine ski racing organization with just a few schools scattered throughout Oregon and a handful of alpine ski racers.

In 2000, OISRA added Nordic ski racing as well, and now the governing structure of OISRA includes two separate DIVISIONS:  Alpine and Nordic.
The OISRA Nordic Division currently organizes more than a dozen teams, which are listed on the Nordic Teams  page.


Designated Head Coaches are the voting members of OISRA.  Head coaches may be designated by a school, a parent group, or a community club.

The Designated Nordic Head Coaches govern the OISRA by nominating and selecting representatives to the OISRA Board of Directors.

The Designated Nordic Head Coaches govern the Nordic Division through representation on the Nordic Steering Committee.

This permanent committee develops the operating plans for the Nordic Division and provides oversight for all Nordic Division activities.

Designated Head Coaches also direct all activities at the League level.

All OISRA coaches who are NOT designated Head Coaches are ASSOCIATE member coaches (non-voting).

Coaches, parents, and other volunteers provide the workforce for all the high school Alpine Division activities.

The program season is the same as the OSAA winter sports season - starting in early November and going through early March.

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